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Mine Mucur

-I decided to be a musician at 8 years old as a piano student because my mother was a musician and i had been liked very much music and then educated conservatory my professional music story started when i was 21 years old to start teaching solfège and Harmony at conservatory as a teacher. -years later I started composing songs and started to join national song contests . My close friend Figen Cakmak mentioned to me about international song contests and your festival. I came several times to Discovery festival it was so important for me cause most successful singers and composers were there and i might be at this festival . – i met a lot of very important singers at your festival and I started working together them at some festivals. -I influenced a lot of songs at your festivals. -My singer Nebi had took 6 awards with my song Lonely Nights lonely dreams was my greatest memory at your last festival . -I joined a lot of international festivals -already 30-and i can say that your festival’s musical level higher than the others and you have to go on , after pandemic . – I like very much Varna and hospitality of your people.. and I d liked very much your theater where festival’s had been . It looks like a historical place and it had a lot of very important musical events. It was so impressed me .. -my most recommendation and wish is to find some sponsors and announce that you will start again -I always like your festival and come to your beatiful country and especially to meet again my dear friend Dono .. i hope you will find your way and start again your festival.. I know very well that it is so hard to continue 30 years . It is very important to go on 30 years and congratulations your anniversary:)