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Figen Chakmak


I was only 5 years old when my father brought home a piano as a birthday present to me and l can say my music life started. Then years and years passed by I was giving concerts every now and then in Izmir and in Ankara . When l was in Pamukkale for a visit l noticed the graying of TRAVERTENS. My professional music life started with international Pamukkale festivals. So I attented many festivals all over the world as composer lyricist organizer and member of international jury. During all this time Mrs. Mine Mucur was together with me and l was writing lyrics for her beautiful songs.. Our most favorite festival has always been DISCOVERY festival. It was a special festival because it was all the time supporting young and promising singers thus helping them in their music life. I remember so many artists from Dono festivals and l was inviting them to my festivals in Turkey and abroad. If you ask me what is my favorite memory from DİSCOVERY festivals l will say beautiful Bulgaria l remember friendship and peace l shared with my friends and always Wonderful music we shared there. if you ask me a happy moment we had together Mine it was when our singer NEBI won 6 awards with our song LONELY NIGHTS LONELY DREAMS in your festival. DISCOVERY festivals have always been so successful that it doesnt need any recommendations that is for sure.Only we need that IT BE and will always BE.