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The Beginning of Discovery

The beginning of the festival “Discovery” was set on January 2, 1992. It was the first Bulgarian pop-rock festival created by a non-state organization, a member of the World Association of Artists and Festivals WAFA, traditionally included in the cultural calendar of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria.

“Discovery” started as a competition for young Bulgarian pop artists, there has been international participation since 1994 and international competition for performers since 1998.

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Since 1999 there has been an international competition for songs by young authors within the framework of “Discovery” – the first and only one of its kind in Bulgaria and one of the few similar in Europe. The mission of the international music festival “Discovery” is to present to the audience talented young professional composers/songwriters / and performers from all over the world; to highlight the diversity of styles and trends in contemporary pop-rock, dance music; to show the uniqueness of different musical cultures by promoting different traditions and styles in popular music; to make creative contacts and exchange ideas of singers, authors, composers and producers from different countries; to promote flamboyant musical creativity and performance.

It has been a tradition of “Discovery” since its very beginning to have a rich accompanying program. With in the festival many promotions of new Bulgarian and foreign pop and rock albums and music releases have taken place, films, theatre productions, photo exhibitions have been presented, etc.  The theoretical meetings and discussions always provide additional information, especially useful for the young participants of Discovery, and among the topics discussed were contemporary music – trends and directions of development, styles and genres, interactions, the place of the artist – rights and obligations. The Discovery competition program and recitals are in variably featured in national and foreign television and radio programs, print and internet publications.