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Yulia Rutskaya, Kyrgyzstan

When did you start singing?

Actually since I remember myself I was singing and playing piano.

But the real disicion to start to perfrom on stage was quite late if to compare to the most of the singers, I was already 24 years old.


Who was your teacher and inspirer?

My first teacher of music was my mother, since early years she was playing for me classical music and taking me to various concerts to show me the best musicians which absolutely created my first vision of music and the will to be in music by myself. Later for sure I started to take a vocal lessons with Muhtarov Husei.He was the national artist of USSR and Kyrgyzstan as well. It was a great honor for me to have a chance to start my first vocal steps with that much high level vocalist.

If to speak about my idol in music, absolutely it is Whitney Houston, who is till nowadays the best stage performer and one of the best female voice in the world.


Do you remember why you decided to participate in Discovery Festival?

For sure I do. Those years I was catching every chance to learn something new in singing, to create my own vision and my own sound of my voice. I’ve heard how many famous successful singers already joined this festival, that’s why for me there was no doubt to try my chance among others talented singers from all around the world.


What impressed you the most during your participation in the festival in Varna?

First of all, it was a good organized program with a high class stage for the young singers to promote their voices and their talents, perfect mass media support and I also remember that at this festival I met “Sunstroke project” – finalist of “Eurovision” contest from Moldova, when they were performing as a famous guest singers on the same stage with us. Which absolutely impressed me and it’s really increadible that after many years I’ve met them again and we’ve been invited from different countries to perform on the same stage and even got friends.


How do you estimate the competition when you participated in the festival?

The level of competitors was quite high and still I remember that there was a singer even from Africa. I used to analise all the festivals which I’ve joined and can absolutely say that many of the young singers who’ve joined same year with me now have a successful career as a singer in their own countries.


Did you make some personal discovery for you during the festival: a singer, a guest, a song or another event?

Yes, sure, first to mention was to meet guest singer already famous in the world “Sunstroke project”, second was a chance to visit a new beautiful coutry, and moreover to have a chance to know amazing singers from different countries, with some of them we are still good friends.

And absolutely the greatest chance for me was to get an offer from the famous composer and director of “Discovery Festival” Mr. Dono Tsvetkov, to sing one of his famous songs and to create my own version of this song and then to shoot a music video for “Noch chudes”.


What is the main difference between Discovery and the other pop music festivals that you know?

Honestly it’s not easy to compare, because every festival in my career was worth to join and participate. Each of this festivals created a huge stairs to the singer that I am now.

And I am appreciated to God to give me those huge opportunities to be a part of many great events, and absolutely one of the best was “Discovery”.

Did your participation in the festival change your life and career?

As I’ve answered before it really did. And if there would be no one of the steps of this huge stairs of my own music career I believe I wouldn’t reach this point to be loved and wellknown by my audience.

What changed in the world pop music the last years? What can we expect?

It’s constantly changing even now, and for sure we can follow the famous music solutions to find a new sound and new melodies, but what is absolutely constant is the fact that the music for soul and for heart will always stay.

Do you have some recommendations to the organizers of Discovery Festival?

Yes, I think people around the world have to know more about all the young talents who is joining the festival, that’s why should be created a common youtube channel together with other successfull festivals to give more chances to musicians, producers and audience to hear new voices.


What do you wish to the future participants in the festival and the organizers?

To not lose a chance and to learn as much as possible from other participants, about their experience, their vocal lesons, their vision of promoting music, and for sure don’t miss a chance to make many new friends.