Title: Rainbows in Eden Music by: Floriana Pachia Lyrics by: Floriana Pachia Arrangement by: Floriana Pachia

Floriana Pachia (singer and songwriter) is born on 07.04.1988. She graduated at the University of Medicine & Pharmacy “Victor Babes” in Timisoara (in 2014) and worked as a doctor in Public Health & Management domain since 2016 & as a family doctor. She has studied music at the School of Arts in Timisoara (4 years), but started singing at 11 years as a member of the Flores group, recording several albums with the group and having as mentor the director of the vocal group. She recorded 5 albums with the Flores group, having included on them solo songs too. Floriana is holder of many national and international awards of music festivals all over Europe for years, has participated in TV shows and is awarded for art projects.


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