Nikolay Manolov, winner of Discovery Best Singer Contest 2012 with recital

Nikolay Manolov, the winner of Disocvery 2012 Best singer contest will have a recital this year. The Bulgarian singer was bom In 1989 In Gorna Oryahovttsa. For the last 10 years he has given sob recitals at concerts in Grace, Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Turkey and Lithuania. He has participated In several festivals. He considers the most special In his career the two songs produced by Ull Ivanova, the Prlma of the Bulgarian pop music. He presented the song Better at the Bulgarian Eurovision Song Contest and reached the third place. In 2010 he was the Bulgarian participant at Ihe NewWave International Song Contest In Jurmala, Latvia. The same year he was Invtted to celebrate Istanbul – European Capital of Culture with solo recital.


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