Lot Lorien from the Middle Earth to Discovery

The Bulgarian musical formation Lot Lorien combines the traditions of Bulgarian and foreign folk music with classical music and modern trends in jazz and progressive rock. Music critics give various names to their style – ethno jazz/ world fusion/progressive rock, and the group can boast a very diverse audience – ranging from fans of jazz, blues, classical music and folklore  to progressive rock, folk and heavy metal.
The group was created in 1996 by Kiril Georgiev (guitar, lyrics, compositions), Zlatomir Valtchev (drums, percussion) and Peter Paul (bass). After many experiments and change into composition were joined Bora Petkova (vocals) and Galina Koycheva (violin), and later technical team formed  Alexander Kinov (sound engineer) and Yassen Kazandjiev (manager web admin).
As fans of the English writer John Tolkin, they decided to borrow the name from his work on Middle Earth (the place where developed stories in “The Silmarillion”, “The Hobbit”, “Lord of the Rings”, etc.) and so appears the name of the formation. Lothlorien is a magical realm of fairies Galadrimi, where time seems to have stopped and everyone got there traveler forget their troubles and impending threats. And Lot Lorien (they decided the name to be written divided) started to create music that paints a fabulous picture and makes the listener away from the problems of everyday life.

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