Sharif Umkhanov, Russia


Sharif Umhanov comes from Chechenia. His is interested in music since he was a student. He learns to play guitar all by himself and his favorite band is Scorpions. Because of the war he could not have musical education; however he managed to get professional musical education later as a student. After his graduation he moves in Moscow and begins to work as a constructor worker, although he is a graduated musical professor. In his spare time Sharip continuous to sing- chansons, rock, and opera arias. He starts to receive invitations for playing in clubs and in 2009 he is the finalist in the show “Karaoke with a star”. In 2013 he becomes popular in Russia by the show “The Voice” as one of the brightest participants- millions of viewers favorite him during his first appearance at the blind auditions with the brilliant performance of song “Still Loving You”. Sharip gets to the semifinals. After the show he signs contract with the Grigoryi Leps’s producer company and starts working on his own first album. In 2013 Sharip wins „Debut of the Year” at Grozny. At the Olympic Games in Sochi he takes part in a pooled performance of the song “We are the champions” with other finalists from “the Voice”. Sharip is involved in many other international contests and charity concerts.


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