Manuel Finotti (Italy)

Borned on 21th of march of 1995 in Velletri

since he was a child, he had a passion for the music. Already was on the stage at the age of 3 years old, with his father.

he grows professionally at “Music Proyect Academy” in Latina. place where he gets lessions of music and voice, even music composition and Piano. (teacher Marco Napoli).


startting the ALEX BRITTI’S CONCERT in Bari, he introduces one of his unpublished songs “SAPORI DI TE”.

He begin the proyect “Fifty – Fifty” beside the Raper Cristian Milani, publishing on youtube the videoclip “DONNA FUNKY”.


Appears the first EP on sales in the biggest digital store, result of APM, containing the Lyric “COME IL SOLE AD OGNI INVERNO”.

publishing on youtube the 2nd official videoclip “E AMORE SE AMORE SARA”.

He became an official partner of youtube.

With the proyect “50-50”, he reaches the final of “Area Sanremo” with the piece of “RISPARMIATI DA DIO” completly managed by Finotti – Milani.


Publishing on youtube “AROUND MY MIND” in colaboration with Dj. Bruno Heusch. He gets the first place at “Expo di Latina’s competition with RISPARMIATI DA DIO’s song.

the 2013 was the proyect year as a single “DISSONANZA ECLETTICA”. It was transmited in everywhere around the world. Thanks to this song he was selected as a Italian Representant at the International contest of pop singers, winning the 1st place of “BEST ARTIST SKILLS”.


In colaboration with Blaze, Kaiser, King OM, Marvel Mex e Chries rise “STAY A LATINA”, a rap song which talk about the cotidianity of the youth fromCapoluogo Pontino.

As soon as it was published, it became the videoclip trend on youtube, getting more that 30.000 views in few hours.

He is selected among the 60 finalists to attend the 65th edition of the Sanremo Festival in the category of " new proposals " with the song Post Scriptum.

[audio:2015/Italy Manuel Dissonanza Eclettica +.mp3]


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