Cici Manulashvili, Georgia

The 17 years old Cici Manulashvili is born and grew up in Gorgia. Recently she began her profesinal career as a performer, but since her childhood she sings in various competitions. When Cici turned 14 she took part in “A Minute of  Fame”show, wich was her first serious vocal contest. Performing takes the first place among everything in Cici’s life, though she isalso interested in learning foreign languages. In her 17 she fluently speaks Russian, English, Spanish and Armenian. Her music idols are Beyonce, Whitney Houston and Christina Aguilera. Presently Cici works over her personal repertuar with her producer, takes part in various vocal contests and paves the way for european music industry. At the Discoveryfest 2014 Cici Manulashviliwill participate in the song contest with a composition “Inarmed”. Music by Taiga.



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