Tatev Gukasyan, Armenia

Tatev Gukasyan’s (born 28.01.1991 in Armavir, Russia) passion towards the music appeared when she was already three-year old.  Later, she first graduated from Moscow National University of Arts then entered the Yerevan State Conservatory in 2007, the faculty of Jazz-Composition. Tatev has also been carrying an active career in music including pedagogical activities in the Philharmony of Y. Bakhshyan along with her performances and concert tours. Tatev plays on guitar, piano, accordion and other national instruments.

Tatev has been granted with numerous awards and medals in Armenia for her exceptional performances as well as input into the development of Armenian folk and popular music, including the First Diploma by the Minister of Diaspora of the Republic of Armenia awarded within the PanArmenian Competition, “Sasountsi David” Medal for the series of concerts held by Tatev all over Armenia.

Tatev has been taking professional singing courses at the Cantus Producing Center with Zara Petrosyan for already two years and at the moment she is doing her PhD in Orchestral Studies at the Yerevan Conservatory.



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