WAFA Annual Executive Board Meeting was held in Varna

Meeting WAFA (Small)

WAFA(World Association of festivals and artists) had on 21st May in Varna, in frame of Discovery festival, it’s Annual meeting of Executive Boad members.The meeting was held in Grand Hotel London.

The WORLD ASSOCIATION OF FESTIVALS AND ARTISTS (WAFA) is a non-governmental, non political, non profit, cultural institution and free of racial, gender or national prejudice. The objectives of WAFA is establishing close cooperation with the Festivals organizations, assisting and helping Festivals to attain higher standards, providing help to young talent in their advancement of their musical career, co-operating with National and International organizations. WAFA activity is to exchange ideas and experience about the process of organizing International Festivals and promote the best Festivals around the world.

On photo:
– Mine Mucur – composer, Turkey, member of the Board
– Guillermo Albelo, Spain (between Mine Mucur and Robert Cefai) – Vice president
– Robert Cefai, Malta – Secretary General
– Figen Cakmak, Turkey – President of WAFA
– Tolga Gurdel, Turkey – member of Board
– Mirela Fugaru, Romania – member of Board
– Dono Tsvetkov, Bulgaria – Vice president

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