The British Rap lady Lady Leshar special guest of “Discovery 2015”

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The first lady of British rap Lady Leshar will make her Bulgarian debut onMay 16 on the stage of “Discovery” International pop music festival in Varna. Bulgarian fans will hear live the most popular pieces of rap icon of the United Kingdom.
They call her the British Nicki Minaj because of the dark color and her eccentric vision and because of her African roots. But the similarities between Lady Leshar and American black pearl of pop music does not end here. Both ladies have something else in common – this is their favorite style – rap. And while in recent years the genre was inherent only for the bad guys from Harlem and Bronx, recent status quo is disturbed by several representatives of the fairer sex.
“Guardian” puts Lady Leshar among the 5 most famous rap singers in the world today. The Britain was born in the family of Caribbean immigrants under the name Melisha O’Garo. She began her musical career as a guest musician in albums of Tinie Tempah and Bashy. But the credit for the success of Lady Leshar among fans of rap comes with the uploaded in You Tube parody of the song by Chris Brown 2011 “Look at Me Now”, where she makes replacement of each word in the original. As rapper she gained recognition in musical circles late. In 2011 Lady Leshar won the prize “Best Female Pop Vocal Performance” of Official Mixtape Awards 2011.
Only a year later she was invited by Electronic dance music duo Orbital with a worldwide popularity for vocals in the title track of their album “Wonky”. In 2013, her single “Blazin ‘” became № 1 in the MTV Base chart, shifting from top spot hit Justin Timberlake.



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