Discovery 2016 started with the Discovery Star Laureates Concert

Kocertno studio concert Luca SepeDiscovery 2016 started with the Star Laureates of Discovery Concert, that was held on 21st May at 20.00 h in the Concert Studio of Bulgarian National Radio – Radio Varna.

The concert was opened by the Polish Jazz &  R’n’B performer Marius Szaban, who presented his songs in English and Polish.

Marius Szaban

After him the audience enjoed the performance of it’s favorite Luca Sepe and Daniele Musiani, who performed in 2007 the Italian song , that won Discovery. Both Italians performed popular Italian canzonettas, songs by Luca Sepe and music parodies. Both are very popular in Italy with their music parodies on Television show.

Luca Sepe, Daniele Musiani

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