31st May 2017 – My incredible meetings

Art Hall of Radio Varna, 18.30 h 

Georgi Toshev about his meetings with pop idols  and promotion of his author movies

georgi toshev

Enrique Iglesias. Reload

/director & author:Georgi Toshev/

Georgi Toshev - Enrique Iglesias

How is Enrique Iglesias on top for  so long? Why did he record his first album under cover? The truth about his relations with his father – is there any competition between them?

Lili Ivanova.  Impossible to explain.

/directed by Ema Konstantinova  & Georgi Toshev/

Lili Ivanova

 Georgi Toshev waited patiently for 10 years to tell the story of the pop icon. Together with the director Ema Kоnstantinova they decide to  fill the puzzle of her incredible life and career. 

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