The Spanish Zebenzui Martin took the first prize in the Discovery 2013 Best singer contest

The first prize in the Best singer contest went to Spain. This year’s winner’s name is Zebenzui Martin. On the stage the Sapnish showed preference for opera. With his exceptional singing talent he impressed the audience with his performances in Andrea Bocelli style.
Zebenzui Martin comes from the Spanish island of Tenerife. He started singing in the school choir. In 2009, almost by accident, he headed to the opera and won in the island’s popular music program “I want to be like Pepe.” He is also winner in the “Voice of the Atlantic.” Only a few months ago the Spanish presented the show “Minutes of fame” and won second place. In Varna he the first prize in the Best singer contest with the song “It’s always music.”

Other awards in the competition for the best singer of “Discovery 2013”:
2nd place – Yannis Lemezis, Latvia
3rd place – Diana Mercado, Colombia

Additional awards:

Special awards of the Organizing Committee of the “Discovery 2013” for Paul (Portugal) and the representative from Varna StellKo.
Diplomas of WAFA – Elena Sirakova (Bulgaria) and Ena Kamelia ( Azerbaijan)
Award for novelty – Mad Heart, Romania
Award of the Black Sea Television – Miss G, Romania
Award of “Radio Varna” – Mayte Puron (Cuba) and the Duo Elitsa and Siso( Bulgaria)
Award for most charismatic presence at “Discovery 2013” – Indre Malakauskayte
( Lthuania)
Award for best show – Miroslava Filipovic (Ukraine)
Award for versatile talant – Ilhan Basak (Turkey)
Award for most promising performer – Shimmy Paola, Italy and Agatha Zhelazovska, Poland
Award for best female vocalist – Olga Gornichar (Belarus.)
Award for best male vocalist – Ray Gligor (Moldova)


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