1998 – Еlsa Lila, Albania
Grand prix and the award of the audience in the International contest for best singer……………………………Iskui Abalyan, Belarus – First award;
Аngelina Alexandrova, Kazakhstan – Second award
Маrk Tonna, Маlta – Special prize of the Jury


SiDeRis – Uzbekistan
Grand prix for best performer

Marvic Lews – Malta
, Grand prix for best song.
“Voice in the night”
, music Eugenio Shembry,
lyrics Doris Chechuti


>Vardui Vardanyan – Аrmenia
Grand prix for best performer

Silvia Stefanesku – Romania
Grand prix for best song.“White bells, black bells”
мusic George Natsis
lyrics R. Popesku


Vardui Vardanyan – Аrmenia
Grand prix for best performer

Laura Stoica – Romania
Grand prix for best song.

“I Need Love”


Luminita Angel – Romania
Grand prix for best performer

Olivia Lewis – Malta
Grand prix for best song.


Garrett Wall – Irland
Grand prix for best performer

Grand prix for best song.“Endlessly”
music by Philip Vella
lyrics by Joe Farrugia


Niko – Romania
Grand prix for best performerNeda Karova – Bulgaria
Grand prix for best performer

First Award for Song
“If you go away”

m.a. – Cornel Fugaru l. – Mirela Fugaru
performed by Nico


Cix – Italy
First Award for best performer

First Award for Song
” Pair Of Wings”

music and arrangement by Gianni Vallino
lyrics by Chincia Rossa
performed by Cix – Italy


Luca Sepe – Italy
First Award for best performerStanislava Galinova – Bulgaria
First Award for best performer

First Award for Song
” Time for love”

music: Paul Abela,
lyrics: Joe Julian Farrugia


Nelio – Italy
First Award for best performer

First Award for Song
” Hei, Jan”

Zara Petrosyan
Armen Sarkisyan (Armenia)


Guerino Papa – Italy
First Award for best performer

First Award for Song
” Inspiration In The Eyes “

music – AJAI
lyrics – Loloq
arrangement – Sze Wan, Napie Spider performed by Mila (Malaysia)


Jia Ruhan – China
First Award for best performer

First Award for Song
„I Don’t Know Why”

Performer – Daniele Musiani (Italy)
Author – Luca Sepe

Discovery International Song Contest 2010

1 st Award: “Memory”, music & arrangement by Rolf Roosalu, lyrics LHS Leisner, performed by Rolf Roosalu, Estonia

2 nd Award: “Without You”, music & arrangement by Cornel Fufaru, lyrics Mirela Fugaru, performed by Alina Eremia, Romania

3 rd Award: “Simplicamente”, music & arrangement by Fabian Farhat, performed by Jonas Shwam, Argentina

“Kiss me strongly”, music & lyrics by Vitaly Okorokov, arrangement by Vasily Bogarirev, performed by Andrey Berestenko, Russia

Discovery International Best Singer Contest 2010

1 st Award: Alina Eremia, Romania

2 nd Award: Aleksander Shpilkov, Moldavia

Jay Anvil, Malta

3 rd Award: Pricsila Estevez, Spain

George Plia, Russia

Best arrangement: Sergey Suhomlin, “Without You”, performed by Irina Potapovich, Belarus

Special Prize of Bulgarian National Radio, Radio Varna: Jonut Laurentiu, Romania

“Star of Varna” – to Silvia Mezzanotte

Miss Tourism Special Prize for the most beautiful and best presenting performer

WAFA Diploma – Irina Potapovich, Belarus

WAFA Plaquette – Rovshan Dzhivishov, Azerbaidzhan

Special Awards of the Organizing Committee – Eva Beke Hungary, Farouk Turkey, Faride, Julia Schmidt Slovenia, Petar Ivanov Bulgaria, Andrey Kolossov Belarus

Special Prize of the Best Performer Jury: Elitsa Naumova, Bulgaria

Most artistic performance: Rolf Roosalu, Estonia

The Spanish Zebenzui Martin took the first prize in the Discovery 2013 Best singer contest

The first prize in the Best singer contest went to Spain. This year’s winner’s name is Zebenzui Martin. On the stage the Sapnish showed preference for opera. With his exceptional singing talent he impressed the audience with his performances in Andrea Bocelli style.
Zebenzui Martin comes from the Spanish island of Tenerife. He started singing in the school choir. In 2009, almost by accident, he headed to the opera and won in the island’s popular music program “I want to be like Pepe.” He is also winner in the “Voice of the Atlantic.” Only a few months ago the Spanish presented the show “Minutes of fame” and won second place. In Varna he the first prize in the Best singer contest with the song “It’s always music.”

Other awards in the competition for the best singer of “Discovery 2013”:
2nd place – Yannis Lemezis, Latvia
3rd place – Diana Mercado, Colombia

Additional awards:

Special awards of the Organizing Committee of the “Discovery 2013” for Paul (Portugal) and the representative from Varna StellKo.
Diplomas of WAFA – Elena Sirakova (Bulgaria) and Ena Kamelia ( Azerbaijan)
Award for novelty – Mad Heart, Romania
Award of the Black Sea Television – Miss G, Romania
Award of “Radio Varna” – Mayte Puron (Cuba) and the Duo Elitsa and Siso( Bulgaria)
Award for most charismatic presence at “Discovery 2013” – Indre Malakauskayte
( Lthuania)
Award for best show – Miroslava Filipovic (Ukraine)
Award for versatile talant – Ilhan Basak (Turkey)
Award for most promising performer – Shimmy Paola, Italy and Agatha Zhelazovska, Poland
Award for best female vocalist – Olga Gornichar (Belarus.)
Award for best male vocalist – Ray Gligor (Moldova)

La Cricca won the Discovery 2013 song contest with the song Uniqua

The Italian pop rock band LA CRICCA is the big winner in the Discovery International Pop Music Festival 2013 in Varna with the song Uniqua. The Italians showed good rock and a compelling stage presence and original music. In Varna, the group presented two songs from its new album “SOMEHOW”, which is characterized by the use of elements from different musical styles – rock, rave, R & B and ragtime.

The band gathered four years ago, after the musicians decided to abandon their work with famous Italian stars of the rock scene. For years Andrea Bonomo has written lyrics for many of the songs of Eros Ramazzotti, but he choose to follow an independent path and along with the bass guitarist Lalo Visconti and the drummer Paolo Bianchi created LA CRICCA. Later they were joined by guitarist Ruben Vadjo.

Andrea Bonomo, lead singer of LA CRICCA:
“It was a great pleasure – for the first time coming to Bulgaria and we have a competition. This means that we have chosen the right direction. Hope to see you soon again. ”

Christian Boyadzhiv, member of the jury of the “Discovery 2013”:
“I am impressed by what showed LA CRICCA. Their presence filled the stage and gave color to the festival. I would not be surprised, if you soon see these guys as the winner of “San Remo.” It had not had happened rock band to compete for awards at the festival soon. “Discovery” really expanded not only geographically but also his musical boundaries. ”

The tenor Matteo Macchioni, called New Bocelli, wowed the audience at the Drama Theatre with performances of arias and canzonettas and its song. The young Italian won the hearts of the audience with his amazing voice. Among the special guests of the festival were the jazz singer with roots from Varna Alexandrina Simeon, the winner of last year’s competition for singers Nikolay Manolov , the Swedish band Kiss Love Sex, Lot Lorien and Shilton, who presented his new single.

The other awards in the International song contest of “Discovery 2013”:

2nd place – Sergey Savin, Russia
“Melting”, text, music and arrangement – Sergei Savin.

3rd place – duet “Elitsa and Siso” Bulgaria
“On the Edge” text Elitsa Naumova, music Elitsa and Siso, arranged by Stanislav Georgiev and Ivan Boyadziev

3rd place – Martin Honey, Macedonia
“Ram It There”, text, music and arrangement by Martin Honey.

Additional awards:
Best professional tandem and author song – Mine Mucur & Figen Chakmak
Best arrangement – Sergei Ivanov for the song “Feel free and fly” in pursuance of Ray Gligor, Moldova
Prize for national hit – Gabriel Lewis, Malaysia.
Prize for Dance Hit – Miss G, Romania