Sergei Vladimir, Moldova

Sergei Vladimir is called “Transnistrian Nightingale” and “The Golden Voice of Moldova” for his wonderful voice. He believes in his future only if its connected with music.He is a student at the Kishinev Conservatory with “Pop singing” specialty. His idols will always be Muslim Magomaev and Elvis Presley. In 2009, in Suma, Sergei appears at the International Competition „Krolovetski Rushniki“ and wins first prize. Again in 2009 he takes another firs prize in Vinica at the Afghanistan patriotic contest. The success keeps follow him through the years. Last year he wins first place at “Voices of Transnistria”, „Doua inimi Gemene“ in Chisinau“ and „Vise printre stele“ in Chernovci town. Sergei is attracted not only by the music and singing but also by the sport. He has great success in athleticsm football, basketball, tennis and at various gamers competitions.



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