Ralluca Sofrone, Romania

Ralluca Sofrone, Romania

Raluca Sofrone is 23 years old, from the shores of the Black Sea , in Constanta city. She founds out about her passion for music around the age of 11. Her parents supported her to sing as they used to sing when they were teenagers. She starts to study hard and the results started to pay off , I starts to go to many contests where she wins numerous prizes and trophies.     Those first steps and her passion for music made Raluca ambitious and she starts to work even harder to make good performances.

At the age of 16 she starts to study by herself to perfect her vocal technique and slowly she founds her musical style.

She wins important trophies and take place in Romania`s “X-Factor” and “The voice”.

Those experiences have ambitioned her and she learns that the world of music is a beautiful and extremely hard place.

“By the age of 21 it was like a dream cоme true” – she says. She starts to teach at a private canto school in Constanta. This job defines and completes her.



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