Nebi Birgi, Turkey

Nebi Birgi, Turkey

Born in Aydın, Turkey NEBI went to Istanbul, to study in Istanbul Yıldız Technical University in Modern Dance Section and had the lucky chance to work with famous German Macmillan and other well-known Turkish artists and teachers. While studying in the university he was taking part in famous musicals of Broadway and Turkey. In 2007 he went to Istanbul University State Conservatoire to study Stage Arts and Musicals . Studying in Musicals Section he started to take singing lessons. In 2009 he took part in GREASE Musical playing Danny Zuko. At the same time he was the choreograph of the same musical. In 2008 and 2010 he took lessons of dancing jazz and singing from famous teachers of Minnessota University. In 2009 he went to America for Minnessota Summer Arts Festival to play in FOOTLOOSE MUSICAL. After finishing Yıldız University now he is studying in Stage Arts Performance Section in Bilgi University and at the same time performing in theatre plays together with musical groups and is working as choreograph and director in famous musicals and tv programs.

In 2011 he put on stage the play SON BES YIL where he was also the tranlator , director and at the same time actor. In the years 2011-2013 he won the Award for BEST YOUNG ARTIST playing Bobby Strong in 16th Afife Jale Theatre Awards and won the award for Choreoraph of the Year in 12th Direklerarası Tiyatro Ödülleri. In 2009 he founded a musical theatre group where he is playing and singing And now he is acting as Dorian in the famous DORIAN MUSICAL where he is also director and choreograph. Nebi is very happy and proud to come to Bulgaria and participate in DISCOVERY festival.


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