Monnalisa, Italy

MONNALISA is an Italian vocal trio born in 2012 by the three vocalists CIX, SAM and MARTA.

Each singer has developed in the past years own solo careers, taking part in several Concerts, Festivals and Contests in Italy and all over the world.

In June 2012 they started to sing together first just for fun, as united by great friendship, but as the sound of the three voices seemed perfectly suited to be melted together, they started to propose the vocal trio line up for live performance.

The success got by the project was immediately unexpected, in a few months MONNALISA became one of the most requested artist to hold concerts in Turin, Milan, Rome, Venice.

The mix of famous Italian songs from all ages re-arranged in a modern way, with interpretation of classic funky, soul and blues songs created a completely new way of listening to very famous music styles.

In 2013 the trio MONNALISA held more than 100 concerts, and be invited as special guests in important events like St.Vincent Festival and New voices for Sanremo Festival, and playing mainly in the North of Italy.

In 2014 they continue to grow up the repertoire, including standard jazz revisited in pop version, helding concerts, as well as in Italy, also in France, Germany and Switzerland, getting always sold out. The most important character appreciated by audience and critique in the ability of the trio to melt three great personality solo singer into a single voice and the fluidity with which MONNALISA passes from solo to choir always as it was just a single voice.

At the end of the year they wanted to get another milestone in the career and produce a previously unreleased single; at this purpose MONNALISA contacted the producer Gianni Vallino, and together produced the new song “Più di così” (“More than this”), that brings the trio into a groovy funk that point up all the most amazing character of these wonderful singers, with the lyrics that describes their love for the music.

[audio:2015/Italy Monalisa Piu di cosi +.mp3]


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