Matteo Ranellucci, Italy

MATTEO RANELLUCCI comes from Latina, Italy.  At the beginning he was a performer, but he later became a songwriter. He began his vocal studies when he was 14 at the “Obiettivo Musica” School of Latina. In 2010 he took part in the national competition “Cantagirando”, when he awarded, this time, with the first premium, the radio’s award “Studio 93”and the critic’s prize. In 2012 he won the final of the competition “UNA STELLA SARO’ “. During the academic year 2011/2012 he studied singing at the academy of Rome “Melody Music School”, with the teacher Letizia Mongelli. In 2012 he won the competition “Festival della canzone italiana” of Cisterna(LT). During the end of the summer, he took part to the singing competition “Primo Festival della Madonna del Carmelo” ranking the second place, and he won the competitions “ Cantando con le stelle” and “Cantando sotto le stelle”. At the beginning of 2013 coming out in all digital store, his first EP, entitled “E’ tempo di vita”.
At the Discoveryfest 2014 MATTEO RANELLUCCI will participate in the song contest with a composition “Once upon a time”. Music by Manyel Finotti.

[audio:Once upon a time.mp3]


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