Madalin George Groza, better known as Mad Heart, was born in Brasov.Since early age (6 years old) he started studying piano at the Music Highschool from Brasov. He studied piano for 12 years. While studying piano, he also took canto classic lessons, for six years. Besides his interest in classical music, he became verry attracted by the diverse beats and special effects of the house songs at that time. At the young age of 14, he had already become a locally known DJ. He takes part in a TV music Contest, organized by the artist Mihai Traistariu, where he sang „Ce la luna mezza mare”, classic music, remixed with dance beats.Mad Heart’s second single, “Satellite Dish” is an outstanding product. Besides his voice, Mad Heart comes with a new element, an unique sound that cant be reproduced by anyone else nor categorized.


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