Lot Lorien, Bulgaria

“Lot Lorienisа Bulgarian music formation, combining in a modern way the traditions of the Bulgarian and foreign folk music with classical music and modern trends in jazz and progressive rock. Music critics give various names for the Lot Loriens style – Ethno Jazz/World Fusion/Progressive Rock and the group can boast with a very diverse audience – ranging from fans of jazz, blues, classical music and folklore, lead to progressive rock, folk and heavy metal.


There are 4 albums in the discography of the band. Lot Lorien have won numerous awards, including the contest for intercultural dialogue Euromedcafe “Other songs”, the prize to the listeners of “Horizon” Radio station in competition for new pop and rock music “Golden Spring 2012”, the audience song of the pop and rock festival Sofia 2012, the prize “Varna”  the album “Elsewhere” in 2013.

At the Discoveryfest 2014 “Lot Lorien will participate in the song contest with a composition “Instead of me. Music by “Lot Lorien.

[audio:Instead of me.mp3]


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