Kamala Garamollayeva, Azerbaijan

Kamala Garamollayeva is an Azerbaijan singer from Baku. She entered the Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Art in 2005 and graduated from the university in 2009. In 2009 she entered the university masters degree in musicology faculty and received her masters degree in 2011. At present she is preparing to become Doctor of Philosophy in Musicology.Kamala took part in the collective of the music of ”EAST STARS” . There she has been awarded many certificates for represent Azerbaijan in the foreign countries. In 2004 she took part in the music competition by name ”AZERISTAR” and she was awarded an honorary diploma.

At the Discoveryfest 2014 Kamala Garamollayeva will participate in the song contest with the composition Vay Aman. Music by Rahim Rahimli.

[audio:Vay Aman.mp3]


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