Juliana, Russia

Juliana represents the Yakut musical culture. Her style is various and she can combine both pop singing and folklore elements and to imitate the sounds of different animals and birds. Her popularity reaches Kazakhstan, Novosibirsk and Ufa. She is a winner of many musical awards from various competitions as International Festival „Ural-Mono“ 2010 where she wins the first place and at the Republican Contest for singers „Etigen Homus“ 2011 wins for her nomination „Best performer in traditional national style“. Julia is one of the 10 best performers at the festival “Homus in the world cultural space” 2011. She is owner of the insignia badge „For contribution to the development and promotion of  Yakutsks pop music“ at Duma town. In October 2013 Yakutia awards Julia for her diligence and dedication in her work.

At the Discoveryfest 2014 Juliana will participate in the song contest with a composition “Beauty. Music by Juliana.



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