Born in Saldus, Latvia in family of musicians.
He studied music in Saldus Music School, which he graduated twice on accordion and saxophone. With the age of 16 Janis started his path in the Latvian music business as a pianist in Felix Ķiģeļa Band.
Over the years, Janis got experience playing music with Latvian and world Famous artists such like IGo, Fomins, Livi (Latvia), Joseph Julian (UK), Rockie Charles (USA), and others.
In 2010 he started his solo career as a composer and singer and released his first single with Nick Matveev Laid My Home”. In 2009 Janis received the Free Infinity Award for the most Famous single We are living in a fairy tale.
Janis is currently working on his first album and continue to develop
hisvocal skills.


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