Dino, Chroatia

22-year-old Dino comes from Croatia. He starts his musical career in 1998,  when he is 6 years old. On his seven he recordes its first participation in an international festival. On 11, he win the Eurovision Junior. In the same year he became the youngest Croatian performer, nominated for Croatian Music Awards. He has recorded 11 participations in international festivals, of which returned with 11 awards.

In 2004 in Croatia Асхд releases his first album “No.1”, which is distributed in 13 countries. His second album, “Live your own life” is released digitally in 2011 worldwide. Genres that are executed – rock, hard rock, heavy metal, progressive metal, blues, soul. In his music Dino is influenced by Whitesnake, Alice In Chains, Toto, Dream Theater, Mr. Big.

Dino has tours and appearances in New York, Denmark, Norway, Australia. In 2012, he joines the group “Made in Iron”, which has 50 concerts. Perform a major role in his musical “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.”

Participate in international music project in South Africa, recording albums Syncropation, which includes four of his songs and another 7 songs with various African artists. During his stay in Africa took part in the rock opera “The recognition of David.”

Dino composing, playing the piano and has over 200 stage appearances. Author of 50 songs and music for the national dramatic play.

[audio:2015/Harvatska Father +.mp3]


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