Dinda Septryani, Indonesia

Dinda, Indonesia

Dinda has been fond of singing and songwriting since she was very young. In her teen era, she formed a musical group with her high school friends and started writing songs ever since. One of her number was even played and broadcasted by a radio station in Bandung as a part of high school students program.

As soon as she continued her study in University of Indonesia (majoring in Russian studies), her passion for song-writings didn’t fade away. That fire bloomed especially soon after she joined a singing competition at the university, Bintang Pop UI (UI Pop Star) 2005. She then braced herself to record her first songs in a studio. At that time, she only played and exhibited her works for her family and friends.

She has claimed and admitted that she fell in love with words and lyrics that are close to humanity and spiritual sense, of which voicing a better life. It is what made her really eager to create something more serious for her music.

In late 2010, Dinda met Bayu Ardianto, a talented musician and music producer from Bandung.

They worked together and recorded the song called Milik-Mu (Belong to You). Soon after the first recording, Bayu encouraged D inda to make an independent EP/Mini Album. She juggled between maintaining her career at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and recording her songs every other weekend in Bandung.

Dinda’s music has made it to Top 50 Favourite New Comer di Indonesia Cutting Edge Music Awards (ICEMA) 2012. She has also been a Semifinalist at the International Songwriting Competition (ISC) 2012, where participants from 118 countries worldwide and 20,000 songs compete for the title judged by professional judges. Moreover, Dinda also participate on the Awakening Talent Contest 2013 organised by Awakening records,recording company from London; she has received many positive response, likes and shares.

On late 2013, Dinda released her EP, Rahasia, consist of six songs with a touch of pop and jazz telling stories of her observation on love and life. Rahasia has been reviewed in severalIndonesian magazines considered as a must listen and a beautiful music and lyric. Dinda selling Rahasia for 300 copies, and all proceeds goes for charity to Palestine.

On 6 December 2015 in Jakarta, Dinda along with her fellow Indonesian singer friend, Penny Hutabarat collaborate to have a live mini showcase of Oase Hati where they perform their songs from their respective albums. The showcase has been anticipated really well, and bring enthusiasm for audiences to look forward the second session of the showcase, which will be held this year.

While going abroad performing her task as a diplomat, she also promotes her album personally as a form of music and cultural diplomacy, hoping to increase the mutual understanding amongst nations.


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