Cristi Nistor, Romania

Cristi Nestor, Romania

Cristi Nistor was born in 1986 and his adventure as an artist began with his participation in the festival Golden Star in 2003 in the category of teenagers. At age 18 he is the youngest player in the history of that festival in this categorу. With the advent of 2005 the singer began working on projects in recording studios and won third prize at the festival Mamaia. The issue of his first single and album was composed in 2006 for a few days in the top most popular songs in Romania.
The artist continues to develop as a composer, author and producer, reaching the finals of the Eurovision Song Contest 2007/2008 with two songs in the contest for the best song performed by Daniela Radyuka and Adrian Enache. With his desire for closer contact with music contractor,he decided to move to London, and joined a band. In 2011 it includes the band Avenue where he was Lead singer and together with his colleagues he managed to pull the group in the top most popular groups in Bucharest. In 2012 he participated in the Voice of Romania, where he was awarded the third prize. In recent years Nistor left the stage and devoted to production.


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