Chilem Duman, Turkey

Born in 1981 Chilem Duman started her musical career playing piano and mandolin when she was 7 years old. She graduated from High School of Music and Arts in Izmir , flute section in 1999. After that she graduated from from Izmır 9 Eylul University studying  Teaching Music and  Singing. Since 1999 she has been performing on stage professionaly and singing  operas, jazz and Turkish and international pop music in different languages like English, Italian, Spanish, French, Greek, Russian and others. She has given concerts, performed in festivals and in competitions and in activities for people in need and in charity projects. She is now a music teach in Ozel Helikon Acıbadem Anadolu Lisesi and she is helping young musicians. In 2014 she represented Turkey in European Union Comenius Project in Italy. As composer and lyricst she has her songs in different albums. In 2015 she released her 1st single album called ‘Ne Demek Lazım’. She is also  the composer and lyricist of that song.

[audio:2015/Turkey Love Will Stay +.mp3]


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