Artom Verholashin, Russia

Currently he is a soloist of the State Academic Theatre of Dance “GZHELY.” He is extremely talented, open and ready for any good changes. The stage and the art are his life.

“I live to sing, to see the eyes of the audience, to feel their energy! My performing is from my heart and my soul! Many singers learn to become good. But I was born with singing. I cannot live without music. It is my present and my future!” shares with us Artom Verholashin from Russia. Among his rich collection of awards, he is proud of his first place at the Festival of Arts “Salyut victory” in 2005, in the category of “pop vocals” and also with the highest award of the festival “My dear capital” in 2007 where he wins in the category “best Performer”.

[audio:2015/Russia Otpuskay (+).mp3]


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