Radio stations from Europe and Asia to participate in the 1st Discovery International radio contest

For the first time the International pop-rock – jazz fest “Discovery 2014 ” includes in its program a very ambitious idea – implementation of international radio contest. 21 selected compositions involved in the category for best song in the competition on May 18 in DT ” Stoyan Bachvarov ” in Varna, will sound a week before the start of the festival on the air nearly 10 countries. These include stations in Slovakia , Spain , Azerbaijan, Russia, Ukraine and Bulgaria. The compositions are by authors from 18 countries -style pop, dance, rock, jazz and soul.

The launch of the International Radio Competition for the song “Discovery 2014 ” was given by the Russian radio Goldstar (Moscow ), where the songs are already in rotation. You can hear them and vote for their favorite compositions at

The first broadcast of the songs on Bulgarian radio will be on the frequency of BNR – Radio Varna on May 11 , in ” Maybe” Yes ” Show in the time between 10 and 12 hours. You can hear the songs on the official website at:

Most of the compositions were written specifically for ” Discovery 2014 ” and their records were made in various studios around the world. Every song brings the sounds, rhythms and characteristic of the musical culture it represents. The compositions are written by young authors up to 35 years in Europe and the world. We hope that we will offer the audience a unique and diverse in terms of style cultural product , said festival director “Discovery ” Dono Tsvetkov.

Listeners of radio stations  be able to choose their preferred song and to vote for it in the respective country. The composition with most votes will be the winner of the International Award of listeners “Discovery 2014 ” . Authors will receive the award at the awards ceremony for the winners of the festival on May 18 on the scene of DT ” Stoyan Bachvarov ” in Varna.


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