Festival programme

хедър откритие 2016





8 -15 May 2016 Bulgarian National Radio – Radio Varna 

International Radio Contest for songs by young authors. With participation of compositions from Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Indonesia, Spain, Italy, Malta, Moldova, Romania, Russia, Turkey, Ukriane, Philippines.

Voting by the radio audience.

20th May   Concert Discovery Star Laureates Concert,  Concert Hall of Radio Varna, 20.00 h

Luca Sepe, Daniele Musiani, Marius Szaban

21th May, 2016

10.30 h  Grand Hotel London Conference Hall

International Creative Summit “Future of European music festivals and realization of young talents”

Annual meeting of  Executive board of World Association of festival organizers and artists (WAFA)

22nd May      Discovery 2016 -International Song Contest. International Singers Contest, Stoyan Bachvarov Drama Theatre – Varna, 18.45 h

Featuring participation of singers from Bulgaria, Indonesia, Italy, Spain, Malta, Macedonia, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Turkey, Philippines, Azerbaijan

Special guests Georgi Hristov, MIHAI, Rolf Roosalu, Marius Shaban, Duo “Mania”, Nikolay Manolov, Art Dance Ballet and other.

23rd May  Promotion of movie about Emil Dimitrov with participation of the author of the movie Georgi Toshev and the son of the singer, Art Salon of Radio Varna, 19,00 h

31th May  Promotion of Helia Chavdarova’s movie “Colours of voice” abot the path and difficult destiny of the famous jazz singer Yıldız Ibrahimova,  Art Salon of Radio Varna, 19,00 h